Lee Simmons
Content creation for London sculptor

A strong corporate image based on minimalist design

The team at Lean Auto Retail instructed Crate47 to create a corporate image that would reflect the message behind the company ethos. For the initial concepts of the visual identity, we developed a company logo design based around a clean font and minimalist design. The final branding combines this approach with the addition of the Lean cycle of continuous improvement, ensuring that the principles of LAR are recognisable at first hand across all brand touch points. These include various print items such as stationery for which we created the graphic design to maintain the continuity of the corporate identity.

We delivered: Branding | Print | Web design | Photography

Cataloguing two projects simultaneously

In order to provide the visual story behind each piece, Crate47 scheduled time with the artist at his studio in Hertfordshire during the early stages of the design process, and with the team at Littlehampton Welding for the main fabrication and installation. During each stage, the production team shot High-Resolution images of the key development stages, and produced 4k footage utilising state-of-the-art handheld DSLR systems, mounted GoPro cameras for a time-lapse video, and the Air47 drone for Aerial footage.

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Compelling content that tells a story

The end results provided Lee Simmons and Littlehampton Welding with a library of Hi-resolution images that captured both projects in their entirety. The final edited videos produced by Crate47 productions offer a wider insight into just how complex these projects truly were.

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