There is more to Coffee Shop Branding than just a Logo!


‘Because Things Can Be Different’ with Liqui Group – A podcast show that discusses all things business and design.

Join our hosts from Liqui Group Ltd, as they discuss the world of Branding, Interior Design, and Business, providing listeners with some all-important insight into these powerful business essentials.

Episode 1: Why do I need Coffee Shop Branding, won’t a logo do?

A Global Coffee Festival Four-part Special 

In this episode, Liqui Group Creative Director Cameron Fry, and Studio Manager Mike Page, discuss why Branding is so much more than just a Logo.

Cameron and Mike look closer at the question “Why do I need Coffee Shop Branding, won’t a logo do?”, breaking down the process of branding and the five stages that make up the process, and how these can impact the perception of a Coffee Shops brand.


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