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Crate47 are well versed in barrister and solicitor web design and create websites for lawyers that are visually engaging and function beautifully. Which means a great user experience (UX) for the potential clients that visit your website; making an excellent first impression of your law practice and what you have to offer.

Our bespoke law websites are built in accordance with the specific needs of each of our clients. Whether you’re a busy barristers chambers, a large law firm or a boutique solicitors our friendly team will sit down with you and get to know your particular needs and the sectors you specialise in. With this knowledge, we can create a legal website design best suited to your own law practice.

Responsive website design by Crate47 website designers for Fivepaper Employment

Crate47 build websites for lawyers who realize the growing need for a strong online platform in today’s marketplace. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, more and more people are looking to the internet when seeking a solicitor or barrister. The importance of responsive web design is paramount; allowing for fluid use of your site across all platforms – so not only will your website look good on a PC but also display seamlessly across a variety of devices including mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

If you require a website that you can add content to in the future (such as news items) we’ll build in a content management system (CMS) that is easy to use, and, we’ll provide the staff training for it.

content creation photography for websites for lawyers by Crate47 website designers
content creation portrait photography for websites for lawyers by Crate47 website designers

Responsive Web Design

All of our websites are designed to respond to the most popular screen dimensions – from 27” monitors to the latest tablets and mobile phones. This ensures that your website will always look good and be easy to read whatever size screen it is viewed on; making it a pleasure for your audience to use and keeping them engaged for longer. This will ultimately lead to a greater number of people contacting you.

content creation photography and website design for lawyers by Crate47

Engaging Visual Content

A core element of our web design process is the integration of bespoke visual content, such as photography and video. Understanding the benefits of holding a viewers attention, our designers work together with our in-house photographers and video makers to create engaging visual content that also unifies the look of your website and consolidates your brand’s visual identity.

Photos and videos at the top of a page, coupled with a statement headline, can offer an instant message about your company values. While user triggered content, such as video mouseovers, can boost engagement further; making you appear more approachable and encouraging visitors to explore your site for longer.

content creation photography for website design by Crate47

UX (User Experience) Design

Right from the start, when we first develop a wire-frame diagram of your website’s layout, we have the user experience in mind. Not only do we want people to find your website interesting but we also want them to navigate it with ease.

We do this by building a structured visual hierarchy of tailored content, CTA’s (Calls-to-action) and internal links to other pages on your site – all clearly signposted to lead visitors around in a variety of ways; never leaving them at a dead end. Whatever form your finished website takes design-wise, it will always have this efficient functionality behind it so that your audience forms a good impression of your brand from the outset.

website design and web dev by Crate47
website design and web dev by Crate47

Surfacing key information and featured content

Through our refined UX process, our web designers ensure that key information can be easily found by visitors to your site. In addition, you may have certain content that you want to feature such as target sectors or important details about your company. This can be displayed more prominently by our designers with the use of engaging visuals and direct headings.

We can also create purpose-built pages with enhanced functionality (such as 360º tours) for things like project specifications, product overviews or team profiles. Other categories you may wish to highlight are latest news, company updates and thought leadership articles.

websites for lawyers by Crate47 website designers
websites for lawyers by Crate47 website designers

Showcasing talent and company personality

The presence of an entire workforce on a website is an impressive feature, and it helps to build a broader understanding of a company’s size and overall character. Our professional portrait photographers can provide personalised photographic or video content for every member of your team and individual profile pages can be designed so that the text and images work in unison.

The integration of the two can be planned in advance and the execution carried out by our in-house designers and photographers who work closely together. Depending on the approach taken (formal or informal for instance) an insight into an individual’s role and their personality can be enhanced through the visual language that is chosen.

content creation portrait photography for law firm website design by Crate47
websites for lawyers by Crate47 website designers
websites for lawyers by Crate47 website designers
Website design by Crate47 for lawyers In Good Company
Website design by Crate47 for lawyers In Good Company

Attracting new employees

Your website can be a useful tool in recruiting the right staff for your company. The better the overall impression that it gives, the better potential employees you will attract. In addition to this, we can design specific pages dedicated to recruitment. If you have a variety of vacancies on offer we can create separate pages tailored to each job role. These will be informative for the applicants and provide you with a means of prioritising applications through carefully designed online forms particular to each position advertised.

Bespoke Search and filter functionality

Our designers focus on visitors being able to find primary information on your website in the fewest number of steps. This can be enhanced by the addition of bespoke search and filter options which allow users to sift through particular details according to what’s more relevant to them and locate what they’re looking for more easily. This can be used on such items as sectors, services, news and staff profiles for example. This makes using your website a more enjoyable experience which immediately shows your brand in a positive light.

When designing our websites for lawyers we offer a completely custom service; integral to this is the bespoke photographic content that our in-house photographers can provide. Engaging photography, individual to your legal firm, will bring your practice to life; putting faces to names and promoting the unique qualities of your law firm. In addition, we can provide videography, illustrations, icons, diagrams, and maps if required; custom created for your law firm website design.

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As well as designing and building law websites Crate47 offer a complete branding service. So, if you need a brand refresh or a completely new brand developed from scratch, we can help.

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branding and creative website design by Crate47

Our Process

It is planning and design direction that drives our creative process. The result will be a great looking website based on a clear understanding of your objectives and business model, focused on attracting, converting, and retaining your target audience. No matter the size or scope of your project, whether you’re after a small website with a handful of pages or a large, data-rich site with a Content Management System (CMS), we can build it for you.

From the initial scoping meeting to the launch of your site and beyond, we have a dedicated team of professionals that include Creative and Technical Directors, Project Managers and Designer Developers, committed to supporting you at every stage of your project.

Not only are we focused on designing a creative site, we are proactive about testing and maintaining the functionality and security of your site. We ensure that the site is device and browser responsive, and offer hosting and maintenance packages that provide secure site back-ups and regular security updates.


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