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Our website design starts from the ground up. Having discussed the objectives of your business website we’ll determine how your content surfaces with a detailed site-map. This initial stage in creating your bespoke web design determines how people will navigate your site which is an important part of your users’ experience (UX).

Our engaging visual content can illustrate the services or products your company has to offer. Depending on your needs, our professional web design can showcase your staff and their individual skills and specialities as well as provide you with a portfolio of projects or case studies. And to help visitors find what they’re looking for we can develop custom search and filter functions to suit your business.

By combining all of these elements into your own custom website design we will provide you with a very powerful tool for promoting your business and building brand awareness.

Take a look at our web design for specific sectors: Websites For Lawyers, Websites For Manufacturers and our Corporate Website Design

branding and creative website design by Crate47
photographic content creation and website design by Crate47
photographic content creation and website design by Crate47

Responsive web design

Our websites are designed to respond to the most popular screen dimensions, from 27” monitors to the latest tablet and mobile phone screen sizes. Every page or piece of content is designed to respond accordingly, maintaining the accessibility and visual integrity of the website. The responsive reactions of our web designs retain audience usability, increased user engagement and ultimately ensure uncompromised conversions.

content creation portrait photography and responsive website design by Crate47

Engaging visual content: photography, video, and VR

Visual content is a core element in our web design process, carefully positioned throughout a design to provide an engaging visual identity. Our designers, who work alongside our in-house photographers and videographers, understand the benefits of user interaction and how best to position the bespoke content for maximum engagement and impact. Background photo or video content coupled with a statement headline offers a pragmatic message about the company values. Triggered content such as video mouseovers, provides micro interactions to boost user engagement and encourage an informed user experience.

UX (User Experience) Design

Through logical web design structure, we provide a unique UX design for each website. Our aim is to create and shape the audience impression of a brand, for the user to understand the company message or offering within the first few seconds. We focus on the user flow, providing a structured visual hierarchy with tailored content that evolves and grows over time. Our design process encourages a CTA (Call-to-action) via key conversion points. We design our CTA’s to be a clearly visible element of the website that encourages new opportunities to evolve through engaging content. They provide a clear contact route for the target audience that never results in a dead end.

photographic content creation and website design by Crate47

Showcasing your team

The presence of an entire workforce on a website is an impressive feature, and it helps to build a broader understanding of the company size and hierarchy. Our web design team can create a balanced overview of your entire staff structure, from administration to directorship level. Individual profile pages are designed with visual content in mind, offering insight into the individuals' role and their personality. Our professional portrait photographers provide personalized photographic or video content of each member of the team.

content creation portrait photography and website design by Crate47
content creation portrait photography and website design by Crate47
content creation portrait photography and website design by Crate47

Surfacing key information

Coupled with our refind UX process, the design team ensure that across a website key information surfaces as featured content that your target audience can find with ease. Whether it’s defining target sectors or information about the company, we make it more prominent and easily accessible through engaging visuals and decisive headings. We often create structured pages with enhanced functionality, including projects or product overviews, team profiles, latest news and company updates, and thought leadership articles.

content creation photography and website design by Crate47
branding and creative website design by Crate47 for Liqui Group

Presenting projects and products

A strong and engaging website portfolio is essential when showcasing a company project or product. The way in which these are presented to the user should reflect the quality of work, and confirm how competent and established a company is. Coupled with our high-end photography and videography services, we present content focused portfolios that are designed with UX in mind. Our designers take visual content to its fullest potential, creating bold and engaging user interactions.

content creation architecture photography and website design by Crate47
content creation architecture photography and website design by Crate47
content creation product photography and website design by Crate47

Bespoke Search and filter functionality

Clearly presented information or content on a website is one thing, keeping it organized and relevant based on user demand is another. Bespoke user search and filter options are a key functionality in our web design process. Our designers focus on surfacing the right information in the fewest number of steps. By providing visual hierarchy options that limit unwanted task flows, the user can surface sector, service, news and profile information quickly and with ease.

Our Process

It is planning and design direction that drives our creative process. The result will be a great looking website based on a clear understanding of your objectives and business model, focused on attracting, converting, and retaining your target audience. No matter the size or scope of your project, whether you’re after a small website with a handful of pages or a large, data-rich site with a Content Management System (CMS), we can build it for you.

From the initial scoping meeting to the launch of your site and beyond, we have a dedicated team of professionals that include Creative and Technical Directors, Project Managers and Designer Developers, committed to supporting you at every stage of your project.

Not only are we focused on designing a creative site, we are proactive about testing and maintaining the functionality and security of your site. We ensure that the site is device and browser responsive, and offer hosting and maintenance packages that provide secure site back-ups and regular security updates.


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