"What do I gain from Rebranding my law Firm?"

The step-by-step guide to successfully rebranding a law firm.

Why would a law firm need rebranding? Is it harmful to your brand? What’s the benefit to rebranding? Rebranding a law firm often becomes necessary because things inevitably move on and a brand can become dated over time. Branding is not always something that is considered particularly important in the scheme of things. But, just like any other business, it’s essential for law firms to stay ahead of the times and adapt to a changing world in order to survive. If not their competitors, old and new, could take advantage and gain the upper hand. It’s imperative to seize the opportunity that a law firm rebrand offers to stay relevant and in demand. Brands should be reflective of the business and the mission. Rebranding a law firm is a great opportunity to target your desired audience and cater to their expectations on what a law firm would appear to be. Whether you are going more corporate, family, or remaining vague, the best sign of what you do is a visual one.

1. Research is the cornerstone of a sound brand strategy.

Research is an absolute necessity when rebranding a law firm. Understanding the sectors that a practice serves, their particular expertise, and the nature of their clientele is essential to creating a brand identity that fits their DNA and reflects who they are. It’s essential that a law firm rebrand portrays professionalism and engenders confidence and trust in both current and future clients. Solid research will help to determine the brand strategy employed and the direction that the law firm rebranding should take and is therefore key to its success.

2. A law firm rebrand needs to reflect any inherent heritage.

Crate47 Creative agency | A black background with the text
Crate47 Creative agency | The image shows two stacks of business cards with white backgrounds. One card features a black-and-white image of a building and the initials

When rebranding a law firm there are several key factors that need careful consideration. A confident new brand can not only attract new business, it can also instil fresh confidence in existing clients. To achieve this successfully, it’s important to remember a firm’s heritage and the reputation they have built up over time with the inherent status that this can bring.


At the same time, with a law firm rebrand, it’s essential that the brand is contemporary so that the practice is perceived as forward-thinking and approachable in today’s market. By thinking strategically about these factors as well as being creative when rebranding a law firm it’s possible to update the branding while retaining a sense of heritage and tradition.

3. Carefully considered design of all brand elements.

Rebranding a law firm doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. Sometimes it may be more beneficial for a law firm to retain some of the existing brand. It all depends on the significance of particular brand elements to the firm, or whether they have meaning within their field. It could be a marque or symbol that has always been used by them historically, in which case the design of it could be left as is; or possibly adjusted slightly in order to make it more up-to-date or better suited to the chosen direction of the law firm rebrand

Alternatively, a completely new look might be the preferred option. This could include a combination of all or some of the following: a logotype, a marque, a pattern, a particular colourway, and the typefaces used. It’s the sum of their parts that will create the overall brand identity; and so each element, and how they work with one another, should be carefully considered and designed in detail.

4. Print can be an important part of a law firm rebrand.

Small details can often make a big difference when rebranding a law firm. This is particularly true when it comes to the application of the brand in print. Any printed material such as business cards, stationery, or brochures represent who a law firm are. All of these items need to be both well designed and stylistically in keeping with the rebrand. And, it’s not just about the design; high quality print, with a considered approach to paper stock and printing techniques such as embossing, can have a significant effect on positioning a brand identity.

Print items are a physical embodiment of a brand, and their look and feel are a subtle but important way of reflecting the qualities a practice wants to convey and are another key element to consider with a law firm rebrand.

Crate47 Creative agency | A neatly arranged set of branded office stationery tailored for law firms, including business cards, letterheads, pencils, and a name badge. The business cards feature a teal background with
Crate47 Creative agency | A minimalist set of stationery featuring the initials

5. A user-friendly website design that’s on-brand

A crucial part of rebranding a law firm is the creation of a bespoke website design that’s in line with your updated branding. It’s essential these days for a law firm to have a website that is user friendly on mobile devices as well as PCs. According to Google, as of 2020, 58% of all web searches are on mobile devices, so it’s imperative that your law firm reaches that market potential. Also, consider the website development too.

This can help condense heavy content that is quite common in law firms and present the key information through dynamic functionality and structured page layout. This offers a more interesting user experience (UX), making it easier for the end-user which leads to quicker conversions. A law firm rebranding is a serious opportunity to create a website that really reflects the practice and consolidates their services in a way that appeals to the clients they seek

6. Professional Photography and Videography

Crate47 Creative agency | Close-up of two people seated at a table, focusing on their hands. One person, in a dark shirt, is holding a pen and signing a document, while the other, wearing a watch, rests their arm on the table. A glass and blurred pen are also visible in the foreground—perfect for showcasing law firm website design. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A woman with dark hair is sitting in an office chair, typing on a keyboard. She is wearing a white sweater and is focused on the computer screens in front of her, which display branding for law firms. The background is bright, and the desk has various office supplies neatly arranged. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation

Bespoke imagery is something that should always be considered when rebranding a law firm as it’s a very effective way of developing your brand identity. A photographic language, in a style that is unique to your brand, sets you apart from your competition.

Candid or location based corporate headshots, together with related style shots, can really bring a website to life. Arresting hero sections and distinctive service or sector related images can enhance the overall user experience (UX). Eye catching video mouse-overs will capture the viewer’s attention by offering visual cues to help them navigate the website, while longer videos can be used to engage and inform visitors.

In addition to your website, photographs and videos can be used for social media and online marketing. Bespoke imagery is a great brand asset and the key to unlocking the potential that the internet offers law firms – the more it’s used, the greater the user retention.

Crate47 is a boutique creative agency that has worked with several well-established law firms to successfully rebrand them for today’s marketplace. With our strategically creative approach we offer a bespoke service that results in well crafted and effective branding for our clients. If you are considering a law firm rebrand, we are always here to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities with you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.