Recognised ebike marketing strategy for Desiknio.

We submitted our marketing results at the beginning of the awards season, only to receive the gold award for our lifestyle marketing campaigns with Desiknio. Product marketing was an area that we felt strongly about, pushing creatives that fit in with current trends, impacted social media and helped grow the company from being a small independent ebike manufacturer, to a global ebike manufacturer and distributor with over one hundred approved dealers.

Crate47 Creative agency | The image features the logo of the MUSE Creative Awards, representing excellence in branding and marketing. It showcases an artistic depiction of a woman's face with flowing hair inside a triangular frame on the left, while the words

Product Marketing, Social Growth & Content Delivery


Generated in Pre-orders during 2023


Social media following increase.


Web visitors generated via SEO in 2 years.

Crate47 Creative agency | A cyclist in a blue jacket and gray shorts rides a black gravel bike on a dirt path through a forest. The ground is covered with dry leaves, and trees with green foliage are in the background. The cyclist's face is not visible. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A woman stands outdoors holding a sleek white ebike. She is wearing a light blue denim jacket over a white shirt and pants. The background features leafless trees and tall, dry grass with a dark, brick building behind her. This scene could be part of an intriguing product marketing campaign for the brand. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation

Influencers & Considered filming.

When filming Desiknio’s promotional videos, we had the final product and the placement in mind. For instance, when product marketing for the website, we would focus more on the bikes and the looks, features, the unique selling points. When filming or taking photos for more social content, we would focus more on the lifestyle content, the user and the rider. This would help those who are looking for inspiration put themselves in the ‘shoes’ of a Desiknio owner.

Following & Creating trends.

The original brief we had for Desiknio was to create content that could be compared stylistically with Bentley and Range Rover. Essentially, they wanted super high end content that was more classy than it was informative or fun.

We tried and tested this but it was not generating the right types of sales and it was not generating any traction. From this, we put the idea of creating something that pandered much more to the younger generation. We created more of a ‘Grunge’ inspired reel, and selected the content/art style to reflect this. We posted it and within 24 hours all interaction with the post and account more than doubled. From that point, we tailored the creative to match the younger aesthetic and to compete with more of the trendy bike brands, whilst still utilizing the website and other features to capture the higher end clientele that may not be using Instagram.

Photo montage of X35 Comfort for Desiknio brand marketing by Crate47.
Crate47 Creative agency | A person wearing dark clothing and a black jacket rides a colorful bicycle with orange rims and blue frame. The scene is set outdoors, near industrial structures and bare trees, under a moody sky. As if in subtle brand marketing, the rider looks slightly to their right, gripping the handlebars. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A person with dreadlocks, wearing a black jacket, carries an ebike over their shoulder in an urban setting with modern buildings. The street is lined with large glass windows and greenery. The sky is transitioning to evening, creating a dusk atmosphere perfect for brand storytelling in product marketing. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation

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