What's in a brand name?

Crate47 was tasked with the brand naming in addition to the restaurant branding itself for this new venture. Our client wanted a fresh approach for their new Chinese restaurant which called for a brand that was fresh and modern. We undertook extensive research to find the right brand name that would fit these criteria. Zhuwu, meaning bamboo house, was the final choice at the end of our brand naming process because of its strong phonetic qualities and welcoming connotations.


The Hideaway




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A modern restaurant logo design and separate marque.

For the style of hospitality branding we had in mind we created a restaurant logo design with bold modern type that had a subtle oriental look in line with our brand strategy initially employed for the brand naming. We added a chopstick motif to the centre “u” which formed a bowl shape.

This was also extracted from the typographical logo design to form a separate brand marque. The symbol was easily recognisable and could be used as a stand-alone element for signage, etc. This maintained the pared-back, modern aesthetic that our restaurant branding called for.

Decorative but effective sub-branding.

When it came to the print design, the clean fresh look of the brand elements were complemented by a simple colourway and a selective choice of materials. We carried the theme we’d developed with the brand naming through in our sub-branding pattern.

This added a decorative component to the otherwise minimal look. The pattern also became an important part of the interior design where it was used for room dividers, screens, and wall cladding tying the branding and interior together.

"The symbol was easily recognisable and could be used as a stand-alone element for signage, etc. To maintain a pared-back, modern aesthetic."