Integrating brand identity with interior design

Our Zero Zero pizza restaurant branding was carried out in conjunction with Crate47’s parent company Liqui Group who undertook the interior design. Working closely together meant that we could integrate the brand identity with the look of the restaurant to create a complete brand experience for its customers.


Zero Zero




Print Design



A restaurant logo design and stand-alone marque.

In the case of Zero Zero, our pizza restaurant branding references high-end Italian brands of the last century that tie-in with the luxury ‘modernist’ feel of the interior. The brand name is derived from the finely milled 00 flour that Italians use to make artisanal pizzas. We created a written restaurant logo design that contains a marque made up of interlocking ’00’ figures within the space between the two words.

Not only does the marque act to break the two words apart, but it also welds them together at the same time. By overlapping the rules that run top and bottom of the written logo we unified the different parts into one. The ’00’ marque can also be used as a stand-alone brand element for such things as signage and can be seen rendered in neon on the front of the building; bringing the whole pizza restaurant branding to life.

Crate47 Creative agency | A pencil rests on sheets of paper covered in various sketches and designs of the word
Crate47 Creative agency | A sleek black background with a white logo for
Crate47 Creative agency | Logo for Zero Zero Pizzaria set against a white marble background. The text

The thinking behind the restaurant naming.

The Zero Zero pizza restaurant branding has the potential to work in different ways for different people. For those who know about Italian cuisine, Zero Zero is a very descriptive name. But, for those left wondering about its origin, it could be rather intriguing. If they were to follow up on their curiosity it would lead them into becoming one of those who are ‘in the know’ too. However the name is perceived, there is no doubt that our modern branding sets it apart from the usual traditional pizzeria.

Crate47 Creative agency | Two white disposable coffee cups with lids rest on a white marble surface. The cups, showcasing the
Crate47 Creative agency | An image shows two business cards laid out on a marble surface, perfectly capturing the essence of pizza restaurant branding. The card on the left is black with
Crate47 Creative agency | A neatly arranged stack of white pizza boxes showcases the
Crate47 Creative agency | A man with dark hair, dressed in a fitted black button-up shirt and black pants, stands against a plain grey background with his left hand in his pocket, looking slightly to his left, exuding the refined style of upscale pizza restaurant branding. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A flat lay image displaying stationery, food items, and a black paper bag showcases elements of pizza restaurant branding. Included are a clipboard with paper, a white envelope, a business card, a paper bag, a plate with food, a fork, knife, fresh greens, cherry tomatoes on the vine, and sprigs of rosemary. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation

A modern pizzeria design with a luxury interior.

With their modern pizzeria design for Zero Zero, Liqui’s interior designers have looked to the best of mid-century style for their inspiration. Using strong architectural features with a mix of high-quality materials their contemporary restaurant design offers a relaxed dining experience in a luxury setting. The extensive use of white throughout the restaurant design was informed by the fact that ’00’ grade flour is made from the whitest part of the grain.

The whole look and feel of the interior works in harmony with our pizza restaurant branding to give a subtle but complete brand experience. It’s intended that many of the elements of this flagship restaurant interior design will be carried through to smaller venues in the future which will help to define the brand’s overall visual identity setting it apart from more traditional Italian restaurants.

Crate47 Creative agency | A modern, luxurious interior with an elegant bar and seating area. The space features a large, gold starburst chandelier with numerous glowing bulbs, a marble bar counter with stools, green and white accents, and mirrored walls reflecting the stylish decor—perfect for sophisticated pizza restaurant branding. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A stylish, modern bar and dining area with green, backlit countertops, sleek beige barstools, contemporary hanging lights, and tall potted plants. The decor features glossy black fixtures and a mix of beige and grey dining chairs, perfectly integrating the pizza restaurant's distinctive branding. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A modern pizza restaurant interior featuring sleek, linear hanging lights above wooden tables set with silverware and plates. The seating consists of cushioned chairs in neutral tones and a green accent chair. Potted plants add a touch of greenery, enhancing the branding with a cozy, inviting ambiance. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A modern, well-lit pizza restaurant interior featuring a spiral staircase, a long marble counter with stools, and a row of tables by large windows. Elegant lighting fixtures and potted plants add to the contemporary and inviting atmosphere, perfect for showcasing its unique branding. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A stylish, modern pizza restaurant interior with warm lighting, brown and cream chairs, wooden tables, and a sleek bar with green accents. Spiral staircase leads up to a second level. Potted plants and artistic metalwork add a touch of elegance that enhances the branding. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation

"By working in unison, Crate47 and Liqui offer our clients a fully integrated service that engenders a true synergy between the branding and interior design.”