Combining cafe branding with a new interior design

Crate47’s cafe branding for The Lime Kiln addressed the client’s wish for a new brand name and visual identity while still celebrating the distinct uniqueness of the clifftop café in Sidmouth, South Devon. With the location being a local landmark, we thought it important to include it within the branding. The place is instantly recognisable in our contemporary logo design which combines the features of the castellated building itself with the historic wooden steps of Jacob’s Ladder leading to the beach below. With its simplified linear illustration, set within a frame that’s shaped like the café’s arched windows, the brand is clearly modern while being evocative of times gone by. With Crate47 setting the tone with the cafe branding, our parent company Liqui worked on a complimentary cafe design that reflects its surroundings with a calm, beach-inspired interior.


The Lime Kiln




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Branding is all in the detail.

Cafe branding is all about the details and not just the creation of a good logo design. Our branding strategy for The Lime Kiln cafe led us to develop a new brand name and several brand elements that could be used in an assortment of ways throughout the brand implementation. For example, the written logo and the illustrated marque can be used either together or independently of each other.

To offer further variety, we extracted a small section of stylised waves from the bottom right-hand corner of the illustration to create a brand pattern in repeat. We also developed a colour palette of terracotta with a muted sea green that has a resonance with the cafe’s surroundings. The flexibility that the different brand elements offer makes the cafe branding very versatile for different applications.

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Print and website design were key to the brand activation.

Bringing the cafe branding to life relied on a coordinated brand activation of several essentials. The Lime Kiln’s print design included a comprehensive number of items such as stationery, menus, takeaway cups, and paper bags, together with branded clothing. The brand elements we developed were used for these in a variety of ways. For example, in addition to being integrated into the print on most of the items, the wavy pattern design was also embossed onto the business cards. This gave them a sophisticated look that subtly elevates the brand by conveying quality.

In addition to our graphic design for print, we also used the brand elements to enhance our website design. On the home page, the illustrated marque has been used independently of the written logo design. Centrally placed, it instantly draws visitors in; showing the landmark location set against a shining sun. Through these different means the cafe branding comes into play. By combining our fresh visual identity with the appropriate marketing, the cafe has been promoted as an entirely different entity to its previous incarnation – something the new owners were eager to achieve.

A new cafe design that ties in with the branding.

With Crate47 working hand in hand with Liqui, it ensured a fusion between the cafe branding and its new interior design – with both reflecting The Lime Kiln’s coastal location. This led Liqui to develop the beach theme throughout the cafe interior with a sophisticated take on a surf shack aesthetic combined with the relaxed luxury of the Riviera in its heyday. There’s a predominance of worn painted wood and natural materials enhanced by a muted palette that reflects the surroundings and makes it inviting.

The various spaces that make up the cafe design are light and airy with some windows looking out to sea while others give a view of the walled garden that surrounds the café.The greenery is brought inside with an abundance of potted plants that enrich the interior by adding to the sense of calm and understated elegance; which in turn is reflected in the brand. The synergy between the interior design and cafe branding that Liqui and Crate47 create offers our clients a fully integrated service.

"Crate47’s cafe branding for The Lime Kiln addressed the client’s wish for a new business name and visual identity while still celebrating the distinct uniqueness of the clifftop café in Sidmouth, South Devon."