A fresh bubble tea brand.

We were asked to create a bubble tea logo and brand identity for a café based in Palm Springs California. We developed the branding in conjunction with our parent company Liqui who undertook the interior design for the new bubble tea shop. Previously part of a franchise, the owner wanted to start their own business with a fresh bubble tea brand.


The Bunny




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A visual identity to attract a younger demographic.

We provided a branding discovery session to understand the client’s target market and explore a visual identity that would attract the right demographic. Their main custom would be the local high school students, but it was also important for the brand to appeal to a slightly older clientele that made up the passing trade. Through the brand naming strategy, it was decided that ‘The Bunny’ would be an ideal fit for the new brand which led on to our distinctive bubble tea logo design.

A brand that combines style with playfulness.

Our brand identity encapsulates a sharp monochromatic bubble tea logo design juxtaposed with a set of bunny ears as the main brand marque giving the visual identity a playful edge. This is restated in the colourful interior design where the bunny ears marque is repeated in neon on the walls.

This creates a brand experience by providing ample Instagram opportunities for the younger clientele. The two brand elements of stylish bubble tea logo design and playful marque are also used in conjunction with each other throughout our print design and website concepts.

A stylish, modern interior design.

For the tea room interior design, Liqui was asked to provide a spacious front-of-house area to accommodate queuing customers for takeaway orders. It also allows room for several groups of people to socialise while standing, which is the reason that the seating has been kept to a minimum. With a younger demographic in mind, the interior design is indeed quite colourful, but by using a select choice of hues and materials it remains fairly restrained in its overall look.

Large curved blocks of colour decorate the walls with the circular shapes being echoed in the flecked terrazzo flooring, as well as in the rounded front counter and the built-in bench seating. An additional, more comfortable, seating area was provided in the front window area using Liqui’s Hove Club sofa and armchairs. The Bunny seamlessly brings the bubble tea logo and marque into this stylish, modern interior design to create a successful on-trend branded environment.

"The Bunny seamlessly brings the bubble tea logo and marque into this stylish, modern interior design to create a successful on-trend branded environment."