Rising above the competition.

Being another joint project, Crate47 created the branding, coffee shop logo, and print design for Rise, while Liqui undertook the interior design for this speciality coffee house in Dubai.

The name Rise refers to the lift that coffee drinkers get, particularly in the morning. For our branding we incorporated the idea of a rising sun into the otherwise typographical coffee shop logo design by raising the dot of the ‘i’ higher than it would normally be placed. We also introduced the colour gold just on the dot as a reference to the sun’s glow.






Print Design
3D Design



Houses within houses for a home from home.

Our sub-branding included a brand pattern that is a repeat of the house shape that’s integral to Liqui’s coffee shop design. This had come about because our client had expressed a wish to create a ‘home from home’ for their customers. This idea became central to our brand strategy and the design of Liqui’s interior.

The pattern helped to tie the brand and interior together as it was used throughout the graphic design on several print items required for the coffee shop in conjunction with the coffee shop logo. These included a clipboard-style menu design, aprons, paper cups, takeaway bags, and business cards.

Brand creation and application.

Things always begin with the brand strategy. This means market research and focused discussion. Once we’ve established the direction that a brand should take we then explore our initial ideas with sketches. After that, we move into the digital realm to work up the strongest concepts into finished coffee shop logo designs and develop any sub-branding such as typography and patterns.

We’ll also look at things like the style of imagery to be used and any other elements of the brand’s visual identity. We then prepare the chosen designs for presentation to the client. Once their final choice has been selected and undergone any fine-tuning, we can proceed with the application of the brand. This can cover any touch points required, including the website, print items, adverts, marketing collateral, and so on.

"The pattern tied the brand and interior together as it was used throughout the graphic design of print items for the coffee shop."