Establishing a 75th anniversary social marketing campaign for Porsche with promotional video production.

Porsche chose us to provide promotional video production for several promo videos as part of their 75th anniversary social marketing campaign, in conjunction with the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The FOS centrepiece sculpture featured some of their most iconic cars, and we were engaged to produce footage of the entire fabrication and build process for four to five social reel shorts leading to one longer feature piece.


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Porsche, renowned for its precision engineering and iconic sports cars, has a rich history of pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and design.

Over several years our videographers and photographers have captured the creation of previous sculptures on behalf of Littlehampton Welding Limited (LWL), who fabricate as well as build them. The quality of our work led them, together with the sculptor Jerry Judah, to recommend our video services to Porsche for their new marketing campaign. Our past experience and extensive expertise made our content creation company an ideal choice for their project.

The promotional video production for Porsche needed to follow their creative brief and show the various stages of the project. Crate47’s videography covered the fabrication of the large steel sections at LWL, the delivery and installation of the sections and the priceless selection of sports cars at Goodwood. Above all, there had to be a human element included in the filming; capturing and interviewing the key people behind the project.

Our filmmakers were there at every stage to show the complete creation of the sculpture and the story behind it.

The promotional videos for Porsche needed to show the complete creation of the sculpture from the beginning of fabrication through to its final erection on site. Our filmmakers began by capturing the very start of the process: the manufacturing of the steel sections that form the overall structure of the central feature. The filming started at LWL’s workshops where we continued to record the whole process up until the steel was transported to Goodwood for the Installation.

The video production team covered the construction of the central connection; the preparation of the base; the cutting and welding of the steel; and the fabrication of the platforms onto which the cars were later mounted. As an experienced content creation company we were fully aware that while capturing live action in an industrial environment we had to be conscious of health and safety issues at all times during the filming of this type of material for the promotional videos.

Fabrication of sculpture for Porsche promotional video production by Crate47
Porsche sculpture fabrication for Porsche promotional video production by Crate47
Porsche promotional video production by Crate47
Porsche Sculpture transportation for Porsche promotional video production by Crate47

In order to capture the most unique angles and iconic frame rates, we used a variety of specialist and action camera equipment.

Crate47’s promotional video production covered the transportation of the individual sections of the large sculpture. We followed their progress on low loaders from the LWL workshops to the site at Goodwood ready for the erection of the finished piece. Using GoPro’s and a 360 camera, our film makers captured POV shots from cranes, as well as creating a ‘tiny world’ effect (one of Porsche’s requirements for their promo videos). Over a period of days, we were able to video the whole erection of the sculpture in stages. This included the onsite fabrication of the main structure, as well as the lifting of all the cars, their installation, and final fixing into position.

We are a content creation company that prides itself on our ingenuity. This meant that while consistently following the client’s creative direction for the marketing campaign, we were always proactive with our own suggestions regarding camera angles, particular shots, and so on, to ensure the best results possible. By the end of our promotional video production process we had created a variety of content suitable for the clients to choose from and edit for their various promo videos.

Video interviews with key individuals that communicate the history of Goodwood Festival of Speed and the partnership with Porsche.

As part of our promotional video production we filmed a number of video interviews of the key people involved in the project. The sculptor, Gerry Judah, who has been responsible for nearly all of the centrepiece sculptures at Goodwood in recent years, talked about his inspiration and the realisation of his large-scale work. We also interviewed the Duke of Richmond himself. This was filmed around the area of the house and beneath the sculpture adding contextual visual interest to the interview video.

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Close up of model race car for Porsche promotional video production by Crate47
Artist Jerry Judah during fabrication of his Porsche sculpture for promotional video production by Crate47
Close up of model car for Porsche promotional video production by Crate47

“Crate47’s videographers combined experience and expertise with creativity to capture fantastic video footage of the whole manufacture and build of this enormous sculpture.”