Estate agent branding that appeals to students.

With our estate agent branding for Pavilion Properties, the brief was to develop a brand that was different from that of typical estate agents and would make them stand out from the competition. Crate47 pursued a brand strategy that would assist our clients in achieving their goal of building up the student lettings side of their business without having a negative effect on their property sales. This meant that we had to develop the estate agent branding in a way that would appeal to a more youthful market on one hand whilst retaining their more traditional buyers on the other.


Pavilion Properties




Brand Strategy


Estate Agents

The logo design used hand lettering for an unconventional feel.

We looked at several styles of typography for the core logo design while always bearing in mind how and where it would be used within the estate agent branding and what sort of graphic elements could be employed to back it up. We explored graffiti letterforms and associated components such as drips.

The chosen logo design took the form of a signature with handwritten lettering and that had an unconventional feel for estate agent branding. To ground it visually this was set against angular shapes that helped to anchor it when used on assets that required graphic design.

Crate47 Creative agency | Two handwritten words,
Crate47 Creative agency | Black and white vector illustration of a car with various viewpoints including side, front, back, and top. The car is marked with
Crate47 Creative agency | A set of estate agent branding materials displayed on a white background. The set includes a dark teal folder, a letterhead, an envelope, and a business card, all featuring the logo

Our rebrand included a bright colour palette for student lettings.

We also developed two colourways for the estate agent branding to set the different sides of the business apart. We paired a dark blue with a salmon pink for the student lettings, while a more sober black and white were used for sales of higher-end properties.

These two distinct looks were carried through onto the stationary, car liveries and signage. This included ‘to let’ and ‘for sale’ boards that were designed to resemble geo tags. The overall outcome was a strong brand identity for this forward-looking client.

Crate47 Creative agency | Four house sale status signs shaped like location markers highlight Pavillion Properties' estate agent branding. From left to right, the signs indicate:
Crate47 Creative agency | A
Crate47 Creative agency | A rectangular sign mounted on a building exterior reads
Crate47 Creative agency | A black rectangular sign with white text that reads

Brand creation and application.

Things always begin with brand strategy. This means market research and focused discussion. Once we’ve established the direction that a brand should take we then explore our initial ideas with sketches. After that, we move into the digital realm to work up the strongest concepts into finished logo designs and develop and sub-branding such as typography and patterns. We’ll also look at things like the style of the imagery to be used and any other elements of the brand’s visual identity.

We then prepare the chosen designs for presentation to the client. Once their final choice has been selected and undergone any fine-tuning, we can proceed with the application of the brand. This can cover any touchpoints required, including the website design, print items, adverts, marketing collateral, and so on. Our brand strategy for Pavilion Properties led us to develop estate agent branding that is different from the norm but appealing to both younger tenants and older buyers.

Crate47 Creative agency | A variety of scripts displaying the word
Crate47 Creative agency | A close-up of multiple pieces of white paper with the word
Crate47 Creative agency | A minimalist estate agent branding features a logo set against a light gray background. The word

"The overall outcome was a strong brand identity for this forward-looking client.”