Lodestar Apparel

Lifting a new brand off the ground

We delivered:
Naming, Brand strategy, Branding, Product design, Illustration, Web design and development, Photography, Video, Print 


Complete brand creation from scratch

Lodestar is a new sport and lifestyle brand brought into being by a group of enterprising enthusiasts. Crate47 were tasked with creating the complete branding. This included researching the sector and originating the name as well as designing the logo and sub branding.


Zig zag tags, labels and packaging

An essential part of the sub branding was the chevron pattern we developed. This was used on a variety of different labels, swing tags and packaging; all of which were sourced by us. We even found an interesting use for coffee bags – they were used to pack the T-shirts in!


T-shirts, badges and stickers designed in-house

We were responsible for generating the artwork used on their T-shirts, embroidered badges and stickers. This included original illustrations and hand drawn typography created by our in-house illustrator.


Product, lifestyle and portrait photography

Crate47 created much of the photography for the Lodestar website – not just the product shots and clothing layouts but the fashion and lifestyle shots too – as well as action shots of the diverse range of sports they cover. The team portrait photographs were particularly challenging as they had to encapsulate the 50/50 split between work and play of the brand representatives.

For a more extensive selection of photography please visit our photography page.


Internet shopping can be fun!

The website had to be more than just a shop – it had to be engaging for visitors and express what Lodestar was all about – becoming a hub for like minded people. With this in mind, our in-house copywriter developed a tongue-in-cheek voice for the text; giving the tone of the site a more irreverent feel. But we ensured that the e-commerce site was easy to use for customers; while having features such as stock tracking functionality for a smooth running system.


Brand creation and application

Having established the direction that a brand should take, we then begin the comprehensive process of brand creation. Things often start with sketches and lots of discussion, before moving into the digital realm where we work up our ideas for logo designs, sub-branding (such as patterns) and style of imagery – anything that will be part of the brand’s visual identity.

After further discussion and analysis of what ideas best fit with our strategy for the brand, we prepare the chosen designs for presentation to the client. Once the final choice has been selected, and undergone any fine tuning, we can proceed with the application of the brand – website, print items, adverts, marketing collateral – any touch point that is required.

Crate47 - Lodestar Brand Concepts-8
Crate47 - Lodestar Brand Concepts-2
Crate47 - Lodestar Brand Concepts-11
Crate47 - Lodestar Brand Concepts-10

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