Corporate branding that creates strong links and tight welds.

We revitalised the corporate identity of Littlehampton Welding Limited and elevated their branding with a strong marketing strategy that repositioned them within their industry. We had the privilege of working closely with the company in a transformative partnership, successfully breathing new life into their image through a combination of innovative ideas and tailored solutions. This collaborative journey not only gave LWL’s corporate branding a shot in the arm, but also enhanced their online visibility; thereby solidifying their standing as an industry leader and showcasing the power of effective marketing in propelling businesses to new heights.


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Metalworker and Fabrication

A complete transformation of corporate identity.

As part of Crate47’s transformation of LWL’s corporate identity, we created a brand new portfolio website design to promote their incredible steelwork. LWL are specialists in architectural and structural metalwork with prestigious clients such as Thomas Heatherwick and The Goodwood Festival of Speed. Crate47’s website designers showcased LWL’s extensive portfolio with our own creative industrial photography to promote their more artistic, high-end work which is often visually striking. Our overhaul of their corporate identity brought it up to date, while still bearing in mind the traditional perceptions of their industry and what is expected of corporate branding.

Stunning industrial photography.

Crate47’s content creation for LWL’s portfolio website design includes architectural photography of structures like centrepiece staircases and steel clad cafes, as well as industrial photography of stand-out bridges and art photography of giant contemporary sculptures. We have also recorded the workshop fabrication and on-site installation process of a growing number of these more prestigious jobs.

As part of this process, we have combined video production with time-lapse photography to create project promo videos. These have been used for LWL’s social media which we continue to develop to tell their ongoing story. We’ve also created a promotional video that highlights the company’s corporate identity by showing the scale of their metalworks and the diversity of processes that their skilled staff can utilise on any given project.

Captivating portrait photography.

We incorporated an extensive Workforce page on the company website with a profile picture of every member of staff. Our portrait photography was much more than just head-shots; it showed everyone in their work situation surrounded by the machinery and tools of their particular trade.

The idea was to get across the extensive range of skilled people that LWL has at their disposal. This has also advanced staff engagement, leading the workforce to have a greater interest in the outcome of individual projects. I addition, it aligns the brand with craftsmanship and consolidates the whole corporate identity.

Using impactful videography to sell a vision.

Our videos for LWL match the look of our industrial photography to tie everything in with their corporate identity. We were tasked with making an industrial space look less chaotic while capturing interesting shots, and turning what might be a rather dull metal yard, into something that draws you in. Filming the sculptures, architecture and masterworks that are produced at LWL is the easy part compared to the manufacturing process.

Having worked with Littlehampton Welding Limited for a large number of years, and trusted to produce the very best branded content for them, has allowed us to refine a style that works across all industrial sectors. It’s given us the edge in making creative, interesting industrial photography and video. Where others might not see the bigger picture, the intention is to give depth to their overall corporate identity.

“The guys at Crate47 were fantastic; very professional yet really friendly and good fun to work with.”