Life Water is the UK’s leading ethical water company helping to provide clean drinking water in developing countries.

Life Water approached us to provide a rebrand that would help to elevate the brand identity within a competitive market. This led us to change the logo design; rethink the label design for their range of bottled water; and come up with an innovative packaging design for a new bottle shape aimed at the sports market.


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Making drops of water synonymous with the beverage brand and its ethos.

Crate47 advanced the Life Water rebrand by pairing back their original logo design whilst retaining the essence of the original. We introduced the symbol of two water droplets which were incorporated typographically in the dot of the ‘i’ coloured blue above the red of the letterforms. They can also be used more subtly as a stand-alone motif on such things as bottlenecks; making drops of water synonymous with the brand.

The water itself was at the core of our approach to the rebrand. With the label design, we created predominantly clear labels with the logo sat over the shape of a world map to promote the worldwide reach of the brand. Various bottle shapes and sizes meant a different label design for each of them. Both reel-fed and cut-and-stack processes were used in the production of the assorted labels – with the printing overseen by ourselves at the printers.

Crate47 Creative agency | A close-up photo of a table strewn with sketches and drawings. The word “life” is prominently sketched on one paper. A sharpened pencil lies nearby, among various paper sheets with rough illustrations, including a bottle and rebranding annotations. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A close-up of a white paper with pencil sketches of water drops labeled
Crate47 Creative agency | Logo of

Pantone® Black C
C75 M68 Y66 K87

Pantone® 7620 C
C18 M97 Y92 K7

Pantone® 7703 C
C77 M18 Y16 K0

Our rebrand got to grips with a custom water bottle design for the sports market.

By keeping the rebrand clean and the label design as uncluttered as possible it gave the brand a fresh look that fits well within the upmarket events realm where Life Water bottles can often be seen gracing the tables.

We designed the new sports bottle around a simple, modern shape, using embossed elements including an encircling handgrip in the form of a repeat pattern of the water droplet motif that is a strong element in the rebrand.

Crate47 Creative agency | A printing press in action, producing sheets with the repeated logo
Crate47 Creative agency | Two clear plastic bottles of Life Natural Spring Water are placed on printed sheets showcasing the new rebranding. The bottles feature the word
Crate47 Creative agency | A row of nine plastic and glass water bottles of various sizes with rebranded
Crate47 Creative agency | A close-up of a pencil sketch on white paper shows a detailed drawing of a bottle. Labels point to specific features, such as
Crate47 Creative agency | Close-up view of a plastic water bottle labelled
Crate47 Creative agency | Four clear plastic bottles of
Crate47 Creative agency | A transparent plastic bottle with a label reading

“Crate47 is a very unique and creative design agency.We absolutely love our brand re-fresh and the guys were great to work with ”