Coffee shop branding that’s wedded to the interior design.

We created the coffee shop branding for Kaafi hand in hand with Liqui who designed and built the interior. We were approached by a lawyer who’s a coffee connoisseur consumed by the idea of opening the perfect coffee shop in the heart of the city of The Hague. Together with Liqui, it was our job to help him make it happen. We worked together on marrying the coffee shop branding with the interior design so that one complimented the other. The outcome was a subtly branded environment that is a perfect place to enjoy a great cup of coffee.






Brand Strategy
Web Design



Coffee shop logo and branded items

We developed a calligraphic-style cafe logo for the coffee shop branding that incorporated both hand-drawn text and a brushstroke circle motif. These two brand elements were developed to be used both together and separately as on the back of the business card. We also undertook the graphic design of various print items including loyalty cards and the coffee shop menu.

With Liqui group working on the interior design of the cafe, we had to collaborate to ensure that the coffee shop branding was translated through to the design of the cafe itself. It was important that the look and feel of the branding and café worked together harmoniously and such things as the colours used on branded items like coffee cups were consistent and stayed on brand.

Coffee shop website, content and promo video.

We created a fully responsive coffee shop website design for the café that aligned with the coffee shop branding. Not only did it look engaging with bespoke imagery, but it was also informative about what the cafe had to offer, together with opening times, etc.

Once Liqui had completed the interior, we undertook a photoshoot to provide all the photography we needed as visual content for the website design and social media. We also created a short promotional video for marketing purposes.

“The typography is really well-balanced. Its iconic, its memorable, its simple and powerful. Combined with the hand-painted brush stroke, it creates a very distinctive synergy.”