A re-brand that breaks with the norm.

We were very excited to work on the car garage branding for Golding Barn Group as we at Crate47 have a real passion for cars. They wanted a complete rebrand and image makeover for a garage wishing to promote their expertise in heritage and prestige cars. This required a complete break from the usual car garage branding that is ubiquitous. Crate47 decided to pursue an American body shop meets European car club approach; aiming for something that referenced the higher end of the automotive market but with a cool edge.


Golding Barn Garage




Brand Strategy
Website Design
Web Development
Apparel Design


Mechanics Garage

Making a marque.

Central to our car garage branding is the logo in the form of a crest which is associated with prestige cars (having been used by several famous brands). Our brand strategy determined that this motif would appeal to the new kinds of drivers they wanted to attract, while at the same time, not alienating existing customers.

With this in mind, we incorporated the initialism GBG into the logo design which many people already used when referring to the garage. This design also proved very flexible; as well as the main Group logo, there are four permutations – one for each of their main areas of business: Garage, Bodyshop, Car Sales and Porsche.

C75 M68 Y67 K90

C31 M49 Y79 K27

C00 M00 Y00 K00

Photos that fit.

All the photography is bespoke, promoting specific aspects of the business. We wanted to show the staff at work as they are a key asset to the company – all having specialist skills.

But it’s the cars that really shine here. We’ve put them in the spotlight at every opportunity as they are a key element in the overall look of the car garage branding.

GBG on the WWW

This is not a typical garage website design. There are no bright colours or stock images. The overall style is influenced by prestige car ads with strong photographic content. The website is divided into the group’s four sectors including Car Sales where it is possible to arrange finance and buy online. We didn’t give each of the four sectors their own look but instead, our car garage branding tied everything together within one cohesive look.

"A complete brand and image makeover for a garage wishing to promote their expertise in prestige cars"