Merging a minimal brand update with a minimalist cafe design.

Crate47 undertook a brand refresh for Eis Cafe, with print and website design in conjunction with Liqui who created a new cafe interior design. In contrast to their over-the-top cakes and extravagant desserts, the client wanted their cafe branding to remain stripped-back to tie-in with the interior, which was quite minimalistic, even brutalist in concept, with exposed concrete being a key feature. With Crate47 and Liqui working closely together in this way, we can offer our clients a greater synergy between their branding and interior design, whether it’s for a cafe needing a brand refresh (as in this case), a coffee shop, a restaurant, or any other commercial environment that would benefit from an environmental branding approach.


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Our brand refresh created a unified visual identity.

For the Eis Cafe brand refresh, the client wanted us to consolidate their visual identity in a way that would not break the continuity between the old and the new branding. This led us to make a very subtle change to the existing logo design by altering the weight of the words EIS and CAFE to make a more significant differentiation between the two. The idea was to strengthen the look of the cafe branding without alienating existing customers who already loved the brand.

We wanted the brand update to offer the client greater flexibility too. With this in mind, we created a new marque with two variations: one with EIS knocked out of a solid circle, and one with it set in a heavy circular outline. This gave the brand refresh more scope for a variety of applications within print and online usage making it possible to choose between the different brand elements depending on how they were to be used.

Crate47 Creative agency | A transparent glass door with the letters
Crate47 Creative agency | Modern ice cream café interior with minimalist design, recently benefitting from a brand refresh. Features white tables and chairs, a large communal table, and a sleek wall-mounted shelf displaying various products. A lit
Crate47 Creative agency | A gray apron with white shoulder straps and ties, featuring the word
Crate47 Creative agency | A grey disposable coffee cup with a white lid. The cup's surface features a subtle dotted pattern and has a white circular logo in the middle with the letters

Our new brand pattern was used throughout the print design.

To complete the Eis Cafe brand refresh we developed a simple repeat dot pattern to compliment both the written logo design and the marques we created. We then applied the new brand pattern throughout our print design where appropriate on a variety of items such as business cards, stickers, packaging, and menu design. In addition to our design for print, as part of our brand refresh marketing strategy, we also created a new web design for Eis Cafe that is heavy on visual content to showcase their extraordinary desserts.

Crate47 Creative agency | A person facing away, shown from the waist up, wearing a light gray T-shirt with
Crate47 Creative agency | A plain grey t-shirt is displayed on a light grey background. The shirt features a small white circle on the left chest with the text
Crate47 Creative agency | A gray apron with white shoulder straps and ties, featuring the word
Crate47 Creative agency | Two round stickers are shown on a gray background. The left sticker, fully adhered, displays the text
Crate47 Creative agency | Two gray, rectangular menus from Eis Cafe are displayed against a gray background. As part of the brand refresh, the menus list various food items under categories like

Subtle environmental branding that effectively brings brand and interior together.

Liqui applied a minimalist aesthetic to the dessert cafe design. This was achieved by using clean lines, rectangular shapes, and a limited selection of materials such as wood, metal, and concrete. Between dining areas, wooden screens echoed our brand pattern with a simple tight repeat of perforated squares. Crate47’s brand refresh was further incorporated into the interior by subtly embossing the updated logo design into the concrete counter and walls in just a few specific places. Liqui’s branded interiors often employ this fairly low-key approach to branding and demonstrate how brand elements can be intelligently integrated into a commercial interior design without dominating it. Overall, our combined brand refresh and interior design for Eis Cafe is an effective consolidation of the brand.

Crate47 Creative agency | A concrete wall displays the word
Crate47 Creative agency | A modern coffee shop with a long counter displaying various coffee equipment, showcasing its recent brand refresh. Stainless steel appliances and shelves filled with coffee beans and supplies are visible. Two employees in black attire are moving around, working. The space has warm lighting and a clean design. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A modern cafe interior with wooden tables and chairs, a counter displaying various drinks, a coffee machine, and a menu board on the wall. As part of a recent brand refresh, the back area features additional seating with large windows providing natural light and a view of the street outside. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A modern, minimalist cafe interior featuring a wooden bar countertop with six bar stools. Above the counter, four cylindrical pendant lights hang gracefully. To the right, a wooden door and a stack of high chairs hint at recent brand refresh efforts. A potted plant stands to the left, adding a touch of nature. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A modern, cozy café interior featuring wooden furniture, high stools, and round tables. The recent brand refresh reveals warm lighting, exposed ductwork, and polished concrete floors with a patterned tile section. The counter area displays coffee equipment and menu boards. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A minimalist store display features a wooden shelf with skincare products arranged by color: green, blue, orange, and black. A round white table with two chairs sits in the foreground. Concrete wall with the partial letters

"With Crate47 and Liqui Group working closely together in this way we can offer our clients a greater synergy between their branding and interior design"