Reinventing the wheel to bring premium branded content to a premium electric bike brand.

Desiknio came to us needing direction for their brand marketing which led to a complete brand update. Following the comprehensive brand strategy we developed, it was decided that a new website design would be the starting point. From there, we built an impressive portfolio of branded content, videography, and advertisement campaigns.


Desiknio Cycles


2021 - 2024


Social Media Management
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Brand Strategy
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Electric Bikes

Crate47 Creative agency | An award graphic for the 2024 MUSE Creative Awards Gold Winner. The design, ideal for brand marketing, features a stylized golden face of a serene woman with flowing hair set against a black background. The text above reads

Gold Award winning marketing

Crate47 was awarded the Gold Award in Marketing Content – Lifestyle by Muse in their 2024 awards. This was due to the marketing campaign ran by Crate since taking over the Desiknio marketing in 2021. This took into consideration the photography and media used, as well as the strategy and results gained from social media campaigns, ad campaigns and through the website.

Re-designing a website to encompass what Desiknio stands for, using smart web design and branded content placement to drive sales.

Desiknio approached Crate47 with no real website that their customers could go through, and with no representation for the bikes they produce, they could not hold and maintain customers’ attention. We knew that in order to drive sales, we had to impress the user through strong brand marketing, in an informative and interactive way. A comprehensive website design with extensive branded content was developed and has been continuously updated and modified to suit their expansion needs.

The biggest challenge we faced was developing the interactive element that shows the different colours and frame sizes for each bike. This gives the customer the ability to seamlessly view each of the bike models, without having to scroll or click away, and makes for a much more intense experience. This paired with the clean and precise layout of each page, increased retention rates and reduced bounce off each page. The whole new look and feel of our web design for Desiknio was the starting point for the rest of our brand marketing.

Crate47 Creative agency | A person is holding a smartphone displaying an image of a bicycle with the text
Website design page layouts by Crate47 for brand marketing for Desiknio electric bikes.
Website design page layouts by Crate47 for brand marketing for Desiknio electric bikes.


Total visits to the website since 2021


Engagement rate for the past 100 thousand users


Generated in pre-orders during 2023

Using content creation and photography to elevate the brand.

Good visual content is crucial to the success of a modern brand update, and as an expert digital content creator we produced creative photography and video that has been used to great effect throughout Desiknio’s website and online brand marketing. Our product photography shows their innovative electric bikes at their very best; while our appealing lifestyle shots and video content bring them to life. We arrange photo shoots for each new version of ebike as it becomes available. Our location photography has been undertaken in a variety of places, from urban streets to more rugged terrain; showing the various ebikes in their most relevant setting.

When editing the visual content, specific visual effects and ordering were used to cater for specific audiences, or to highlight particular features of a bike. When using branded content on social media for our digital marketing, adaptions were made to fit each platform: making reels shorter or portrait for Instagram, or creating long-form content for YouTube. We’ve also used influencers with access to large audiences, and those who are familiar with certain trends on particular social media platforms, to get the best content from different countries and increase the influential reach for our brand marketing.

Crate47 Creative agency | A person in a black jacket leans against a large white pillar outside a modern building with metallic architectural features. In the foreground, a green bicycle, prominently displaying brand marketing logos, is parked, partially blocking the view of the person. The sun casts long shadows on the ground. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 brand marketing for Desiknio electric bikes. Product photography close up of bike pedals.
Crate47 Creative agency | A person wearing a helmet and a blue jacket rides a bicycle on a forest trail. The rider appears to be navigating through green foliage with a focused expression. The ground is covered with leaves and the background is filled with trees. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | Close-up of a bicycle's rear wheel showing the gear mechanism, a red LED tail light, and disc braking system. The background is out of focus, suggesting an outdoor, possibly wooded, environment. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | Close-up of a bicycle's frame joint, featuring a sleek, black design with a circular component held by two screws. The background is dark, highlighting the metallic parts of the bicycle. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 Creative agency | A woman with long hair, wearing a denim jacket and light-colored pants, sits on a wooden bench next to a black bicycle with brown wheels. She looks to the side thoughtfully. Tall grass and clear blue sky form the background, capturing a moment that feels like the essence of brand marketing authenticity. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Crate47 brand marketing for Desiknio electric bikes. Product photography shot of woman on a bike in urban street.

Building an exciting social media following and working with partner brands to achieve wide reaches.

Part of our brand marketing for Desiknio involved managing their social media. Essentially starting from scratch, we took over the account that the founder had set up back when the business was no more than an idea. From when we took over the account, we added an average of 1600 followers a year, which more than doubled their original follower count.

Desiknio works with many brands for the various parts on their bikes. This has led to them interacting through social media, building social relationships with other manufacturers and companies. They regularly share and show each others branded content which has helped to maximise Desiknio’s reach while building stronger ties with premium brands.


Increase in followers since taking over the account.

Alongside the usual photography, photoshoots, and creating designs for print and the website, we also make short snappy social reels for our brand marketing. These proved quite effective, and also gained more interaction and watch time than our single image still photography.

"Crate47 has been a fantastic partner for Desiknio. Their creative marketing strategies have boosted our brand's visibility and engagement. They're responsive, transparent, and dedicated to our success. We're thrilled with the results and look forward to our continued partnership. Thank you, Crate47!"