Promoting friendly professionalism.

Our law firm website design for Carpmaels & Ransford aims to promote their undoubted heritage in a friendly yet professional way. Since their origins in 1776 they’ve grown to be Europe’s leading patent attorneys having a major influence on shaping the foundations of European intellectual property law.


Carpmaels & Ransford


2016 - 2023


Website design
Web Development


IP Law Attorneys

A fresh up-to-date law firm website design.

When designing the new Carpmaels & Ransford website, Crate47 decided on a fresh, up-to-date visual approach while still using elements of their existing brand and colourways. Our website development set out to enable the user to easily navigate the site using simple custom iconography, video mouse-overs, and time lapses to act as visual cues. The law firm website design also features several custom search and filter functions that we developed to help users find the right lawyer for their particular needs.


An extensive catalogue of photographic content.

In the course of 25 days of shooting, we took over 20,000 images and videos. Our visual content creation culminated in an extensive catalogue of imagery used throughout the substantial law firm website design. We produced architectural photography that showed Carpmaels & Ransford’s first historical London location, together with general style shots for the Service and Sector pages. We also took event photography for the firm’s Corporate and Social Responsibilities posts.

Portrait photography that brings out the personalities.

The Carpmaels & Ransford law firm website design includes a considerable profile section that aims to portray the personalities of over 200 individual lawyers and technical assistants combined with interior photography that brings the workplace to life. We want to convey the authentic character of each of the attorneys through their profile pictures and make them appear more approachable. Using photos that offer a compelling, friendly feeling, without sacrificing a professional manner, is key to keeping the portraits versatile and welcoming. Through ongoing content creation for Carpmaels & Ransford, we update their website with new faces whenever more people join the firm. Our fresh take on photography for law firms is fundamental to the success of our law firm website design and is an example of our strategically creative approach to everything we do.

"In the course of 25 days shooting we took over 20,000 images and videos which culminated in an extensive catalogue of visual content for the substantial website."