The look of a vintage logo with an old-style cartoon character.

The restaurant branding Crate47 developed for Bennie’s Brunch centres around the vintage logo look of the illustrated marque we created which was inspired by 1930’s cartoons. This was combined with an appropriate retro-style lettering for the written logo design.

We came up with the brand name based on traditional American diners that were often named after the proprietor. We then felt we needed a friendly character that people could relate to for the restaurant branding. Staying with the vintage style theme, we researched the look of old cartoons and retro logos. After a process of creative development a new brand was finally born in the form of the smiling Bennie – always happy to serve.


Bennie's Brunch




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Friendly and approachable restaurant branding with a smile.

Our modern fused with vintage approach to the restaurant branding was carried through on all print design items and apparel, making sure that the graphic design was clean and uncomplicated while still maintaining a retro feel. The outcome is branding that makes the restaurant stand out from the crowd but not appear exclusive; keeping it friendly and approachable.

Crate47 Creative agency | A white apron hangs on a wooden hanger, showcasing a red graphic of a smiling coffee cup wearing a checkered cap. Above it,
Crate47 Creative agency | A black clipboard holding a restaurant menu with the heading
Crate47 Creative agency | White paper bag with a black and white logo for
Crate47 Creative agency | A stack of business cards with the top card featuring
Crate47 Creative agency | A red vintage Citroën food truck features the logo for
Crate47 Creative agency | The image shows two T-shirts. The T-shirt on the left is red with a small emblem on the chest depicting a house and a tree. The T-shirt on the right, showcasing restaurant branding, is black with the text
Crate47 Creative agency | Two white t-shirts are displayed. The front of each shirt features a small logo of a cartoon chef's face with a checkered hat, emphasizing restaurant branding. The back of the shirt showcases the text

"The outcome is restaurant branding that makes Bennie's Brunch stand out from the crowd but not appear exclusive; keeping it friendly and approachable"