Corporate Identity Design

Through friendly engagement with a client we get to know what the essence of their business is all about; who their existing and potential customers are; and how best to open up the channels of communication between them. Because that’s what we do; through strong branding, engaging websites and great photography we create bridges that link businesses to people.

Case Studies

Hogarth Chambers

Crate47’s branding for Hogarth Chambers aimed to make the firm appear more approachable and forward thinking without losing the sense of heritage. We developed a clean and contemporary written logo together with a simple marque, based on the shape of a traditional wax seal, that could be used independently. For their website we put a strong emphasis on usability and clean, uncluttered design; developing an animated search function which enabled users to filter the barristers by practice areas or surname. All photography was undertaken by Crate47 using candid portraiture shots to emphasize their individual personalities.

Newton Kearns

Newton Kearns are a brand new London law firm specializing in family law. They act for high net worth individuals in such areas as divorce, mediation, and prenups. Crate47 were tasked with creating a modern brand that also has an established feel as the partners were highly experienced in their field and would be competing against the best family law firms in London. The key qualities that the brand needed to convey were professionalism and confidence combined with a friendly approachability. With this in mind, Crate47 designed a dynamic looking marque that was quite different to traditional law firm logos. This was combined with complimentary typography for the full name logo that had a more restrained, orthodox feel.

View website www.newtonkearns.co.uk

Carpmaels & Ransford

When designing the new Carpmaels & Ransford website Crate47 decided on a fresh, up-to-date visual approach while still using elements of their existing brand and colourways. As Europe’s leading patent attorneys our aim was to promote their undoubted pre-eminence while showing them in a more friendly yet professional way. To achieve this we built a considerable profile section which aimed to portray the personalities and accessibility of over 200 individual lawyers and staff. In addition to the portraiture our photographers created an extensive catalogue of visual content; including video mouse-overs and time lapses, as well as interior, architectural and events photography; which together with custom search and filter functions culminated in an engaging user experience.

View website www.carpmaels.com


Crate47 took Bullfrog’s existing brand and developed an identity that was more mature and reflective of the digital advertising industry they are active in. For the logo we worked up several typographical approaches from sketches to finished vectors before the final selection was made. This was strong and stylish without being overly dominant. The bullfrog footprint that they had previously used was simplified down and incorporated within the text in place of the ‘o’. This could then also be used as a stand-alone marque or repeat pattern on a variety of brand touch-points.

Five Paper Employment

As Crate47 had recently designed the successful new website for Five Paper Barrister Chambers we were also asked to create a satellite website exclusively for their Public Access employment barristers. Retaining key elements of the Five Paper branding we added new content specifically related to their employment and discrimination law specialists. Crate47 Photography supplied additional interior and exterior images of the chamber’s Temple location to promote their history and instill confidence in potential clients. The new Five Paper Employment logo was created using the red Roman V symbol from Five Paper’s original branding which was combined with lower case typography to create a clean but ‘friendly’ new logo.

View website www.fivepaperemployment.com

Lean Auto Retail

The team at Lean Auto Retail instructed Crate47 to design and develop a brand identity that would reflect the message behind the company ethos. A few initial concepts were developed looking at a clean and uncluttered font and minimalist design. The final outcome combined this approach with the addition of the Lean cycle of continuous improvement, ensuring that the principles of LAR were recognizable at first hand across all brand touch points. We then created the stationary and web design with this in mind, keeping the website clean and the UX simple.  A location photo shoot was organized to document one of their coaching session, which was then used to generate content for the website and print material.

In Good Company

As part of Crate47’s ongoing relationship with Five Paper Barrister Chambers, we were asked to create a second satellite website for their Public Access commercial barristers. This was to aid business directors, shareholders, creditors, etc. to be able to instruct barristers directly to provide legal advice and represent them in court. Although the website was to have its own individual branding, it was not a separate company, but more of a sub-brand of Five Paper, so we retained their colour-way. Also, the underlying framework of the original website was used again to make it easy for the chambers to update their content when necessary. In Good Company was chosen from a list of potential names because it implied friendliness as well as the obvious business connotation. The acronym I.G.C. was developed into a stand-alone marque that could be used independently or in conjunction with the full-text logo. Vintage business related images were used throughout the website to make the barristers appear more approachable. The photographs were given a sepia-tone to emphasize their age while the typography and the rest of the website were kept clean and modern.

Strategically creative

Crate47 are not just a bunch of beardy creatives; we don’t just do things that look pretty. When it comes to corporate branding, everything we do is considered and for a reason; from the shape of your logo to the typeface on your business cards; from your corporate colour to our photographic content for your website. All these elements are thought through and developed with one goal in mind: to help your business connect with the customers you want. So, not only is our approach creative but it’s strategic too – making us strategically creative. Crate47 can deliver any or all of the following services:

• Branding

• Brand Strategy & positioning

• Tone of voice development

• Brand guidelines

• Digital design & build

• Corporate photography 

• Video production

• Print

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