Corporate Branding

Crate47 is a design agency that believes good corporate branding entails a lot more than just the creation of a new corporate logo. With an initial scoping meeting we’ll get to understand the unique selling points intrinsic to your business. We’ll then use our strategically creative approach to find the best way to convey those points across your branding. The result will be a corporate brand that is tailored to you and your business – not just a generic off-the-peg solution.

We’ll bring your brand to life by creating a clear and cohesive corporate identity that remains focused on what people want and care about – so that you’ll make a direct connection with potential clients. As well as a distinctive corporate logo, every aspect of your brand will be designed to reflect your core values and promote your business within the marketplace you work in.

 Scope meeting


 Defining mission 

 Brand strategy

 Tone of voice

• Brand identity & naming

• Sub-branding

• Brand guidelines

Newton Kearns - lawyer stationery - graphic design and branding by Crate47 design agency
Newton Kearns marque - branding by Crate47 design agency
Newton Kearns Marque Sketches - branding by Crate47 design agency

Crate47 can provide whatever creative services you require for your corporate branding – offering total flexibility. For example, if you’re establishing a sub-brand for a particular sector; rebranding your existing firm completely; or starting up a wholly new company; we can create a completely new brand identity taking care of every aspect of your brand’s creation.

Alternatively, we could just give your existing brand a refresh: maybe updating the overall look or developing your photographic language. With our full creative services, we can provide you with a corporate logo design, typography, corporate colours, graphics, website design, photography, printing and brand guidelines, as well as coming up with a corporate marketing plan if required – whatever you need to promote your business. We can even assist you in finding the right brand name to project a particular image.

law firm logo design for Hogarth Chambers by Crate47 branding agency
Stationery for Hogarth Chambers - branding and graphic design by Crate47
brand development sketches for Hogarth Chambers - branding and content creation photography by Crate47 design agency photographers

Crate47’s branding for business services are suitable for companies of all types and sizes. We’ll look at what sort of business you are, where you are placed in relation to your competition and how you wish to be perceived by the customers you’re trying to reach. We’ll discuss where you want to take your business and how we can assist in getting you there. Having listened to everything you’ve said, we’ll then do our own research so that we can determine the best way forward for your brand.

It’s all part of our strategically creative approach – a way of working that combines a mixture of research, strategy and business knowledge combined with intuitive insight (informed by experience) and innovative design excellence. Applying our expertise in corporate branding design through our extensive range of in-house services we create well designed corporate brands that are precisely positioned in the marketplace so that potential customers can instantly understand who you are and what you do.

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As well as designing and building law websites Crate47 offer a complete branding service. So, if you need a brand refresh or a completely new brand developed from scratch, we can help.

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branding and content creation for website design by Crate47 branding agency
logo design branding and print design by Crate47 design agency
Bullfrog stationery - Logo design, branding and graphic design for print by Crate47 for Bullfrog

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