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Crate47 are a leading coffee shop branding agency working mainly in the speciality coffee market on a variety of projects globally. Our creative brand design services include naming, branding, cafe logo design, and the creation of a complete visual identity. We can design all printed matter you might need to get started: cafe menu design, loyalty cards, business cards, and clothing. If desired, we can also take care of your website design and the visual content needed, such as video and photography.

In conjunction with your coffee shop branding, our parent company Liqui can undertake all aspects of the actual coffee shop design. If required, this can include furniture, lighting, interior design and fit out. With Liqui and Crate47 being based under the same roof we can work hand-in-hand on your project. Our cooperative and vibrant studio culture makes us one of the most innovative design practices working in the hospitality sector today. It makes it possible for us to offer a complete coffee shop design and brand identity service that translates across all aspects of your business. From your coffee branding, cafe logo design, graphics for print, and the sign above your door, right through to the entire interior design including the chairs and tables your customers will sit at, we can handle it.

Case Studies

Kaafi Coffee

We were approached by a lawyer who’s a coffee connoisseur consumed by the idea of opening the perfect coffee shop in the heart of the city of The Hague. Together with Liqui it was our job to help him make it happen. Our branding was based around a calligraphy inspired coffee shop logo that complemented Liqui’s interior design. The outcome is a subtly branded environment that is a perfect place to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Our website design showcased the interior with our coffee shop photography.

Muni Coffee Co

The coffee branding for Muni combined both Filipino and European coffee influences and was implemented throughout their signage, menu and label designs as well as their own coffee website. This was done in conjunction with our sister company Liqui who undertook the actual cafe design for the whole interior including the counter, furniture and lighting. Working together ensured that Muni’s unique coffee brand would stand out in London’s bustling coffee scene.

Bennies Brunch

Inspired by 1930’s cartoons, the brand we created for Bennie’s Brunch fuses an old retro style with minimal, modern layout. This style is carried on throughout all our print items and apparel, making sure the designs are clean and simple, but still maintaining our friendly retro look. The outcome was a brunch restaurant that can stand out from the crowd.


Rise, a speciality coffee shop based in the heart of Dubai, was another joint brand and interior studio collaboration between Crate47 and Liqui. We were tasked with creating a shop and brand that had a casual and relaxed feel, but with a mature look and slightly edgy style. The logo was inspired by the morning sunrise, whilst the sub-branding took inspiration from the interior framework designed by Liqui. The client chose our coffee shop startup brand package, which included the design of cups, menu’s and apparel.


Crate47 undertook the restaurant branding on this project in conjunction with its sister company Liqui. The two practices focused on all aspects of the design – from the branding on menus through to the furniture and light fittings. The result was an opulent restaurant and bar with an interior that compliments its prime location and a high-end brand identity to match.


This is a harmonious partnership of strong brand identity by Crate47, combined with a complementary interior by Liqui. Despite being a franchise model, this modern take on a retro diner is friendly and informal. Our bold, hand drawn cafe logo is enhanced by vintage style hand lettering and food and drink illustrations that have been used throughout for any print items as well as on the walls as a decorative covering.

Chimney Cake Bakers

Chimney Cake Bakers was the first collaborative enterprise between Crate47 and our sister company Liqui. Starting with a bold coffee shop logo design at its core, the brand was softened by a hand illustrated, naive style pattern which was used as sub-branding on all printed items as well as the website. It was also incorporated into the café itself; not only on the shopfront glass but as fabric designs on the stools and hand painted elements on the walls and counter; making a seamless blend between brand and interior.

Crate47 have now worked with Liqui on a number of coffee shops and we understand the amount of personal involvement a client can have. That’s why when it comes to your project we’ll work closely with you; guiding you through the process. We’ll hone everything to your specific needs with the express aim of bringing your dream into fruition.

Liqui and Crate47 have a lot of experience working together on coffee shop branding and cafe design. By combining our skills we can fully integrate your brand with your interior. It’s a process that can include local market analysis, brand positioning, innovative concept creation and even helping you find the right name for your cafe or restaurant if needed. Crate47 will design your logo and sub-branding and then implement them in the graphic design of branded items such as menus, loyalty cards and stationery. We can also design your coffee website and our photographers can undertake the content creation; giving you a full turnkey service.

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