Crate47 offers our clients an extensive range of branding services because we know that branding involves a lot more than just creating a new logo. It’s about getting underneath the superficial surface of things; finding those aspects of your business that are your strongest selling points, and adding weight to their communication by creating a clear and cohesive message in order to bring your brand to life. We’re a brand design agency with a distinct, strategically creative approach. We originate brand identities that resonate; making emotional connections through rich and engaging brand stories that are unique and compelling while remaining focused on what people want and care about.

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 Scope meeting


 Defining mission 

 Brand strategy

 Tone of voice

• Identity & naming

• Sub-branding

• Brand guidelines


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Working with you

As a branding company, Crate47 know that you, the client, should be at the heart of your brand. We look at who you are, how you are perceived, who you are trying to reach and where you are placed in relation to your competition. We listen to you, discuss where you should be and how to get you there. We take on-board all the things you have said, along with our own research, and within these boundaries give free rein to brand application. It's a methodology that utilises strategic creativity, intuition (informed by experience) and innovative design excellence to create crafted solutions that tell the world what you're about through smart strategies and concise positioning.

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Our Core Services

A great chef emphasises the quality of their ingredients. As a multi-disciplined agency we have a host of creative talent all under one roof. This gives us a great set of core services that we can throw into the mix on any project we undertake.


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