Branding for Manufacturing

Crate47 is a brand design agency that believes that good branding for manufacturing involves a lot more than coming up with a new corporate logo. We’ll start by getting to understand the unique selling points that are at the core of your business at an initial scoping meeting. Using our strategically creative approach we’ll then work out the best way to convey those points throughout your brand. Tailored to suit your particular business and the marketplace you work in, the result will be a brand identity that is unique to you and stands out from other manufacturer brands.

By remaining focused on what people want and care about, we’ll create a corporate identity that’s both clear and cohesive – bringing your brand to life in a way that connects directly to potential clients. In addition to a distinctive corporate logo, every aspect of your brand will be designed to promote your business’s core values.

 Scope meeting


 Defining mission 

 Brand strategy

 Tone of voice

• Identity & naming

• Sub-branding

• Brand guidelines

product photography and brand creation by Crate47 branding agency
Liqui brand assets - branding, graphic design for print and photography by Crate47 design agency
Liqui business cards - logo design, branding and graphic design for print by Crate47 design agency

When it comes to corporate branding for the manufacturing industry Crate47 offer total flexibility. We can provide a host of creative services which can include any or all of the following: corporate logo design, typography, corporate colours, graphics, website design, photography, printing and creating brand guidelines. We can even assist in finding the right brand name for you; as well as putting together a business marketing plan, if required.

Whatever your situation: if you’re starting up a wholly new company; establishing a sub-brand for a particular sector; or rebranding your existing firm completely; we can take care of every aspect of your new brand identity. Alternatively, if you just want to refresh your existing brand we could update the overall look by honing your logo, changing the typography or developing your photographic language.

Liqui label - product photography by Crate47 photographers
Liqui home page - product photography and website design by Crate47 design agency

Crate47’s manufacturer branding follows our strategically creative process – a combination of research, strategy and business knowledge combined with intuitive insight (informed by experience) and innovative design excellence. We’ll look at what sort of business you are, how you wish to be perceived by the customers you’re trying to reach, and where you are positioned in relation to your competition. We’ll discuss how we can assist you in getting your business to where you want to take it. After taking on board everything you’ve said we’ll do our own research to determine the best way to take your brand forward.

Applying our expertise in corporate branding design through our extensive range of in-house services we create well-designed branding for manufacturers that appeal to potential customers and promotes who you are and what you do.
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As well as branding for manufacturers Crate47 also design and build websites offering a complete service.
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brand development sketch of LWL logo design - branding by Crate47 design agency
LWL letterhead design - branding and graphic design for print by Crate47 design agency

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