Branding with a business sense.

Being a boutique branding agency, Crate47 offers comprehensive, creative brand design that is truly individual to each client. Our branding process will explore those aspects of your business that are your strongest selling points and listen to what your goals are. We’ll then work out a brand strategy that will help you to achieve your objectives and create a clear and cohesive brand identity that your customers can relate to.

Our brand creation involves a lot more than just creating a great looking logo design. Its about getting underneath the superficial surface of things; thinking about what your customers are like; what would appeal to them; and how to engage with them. It’s of the utmost importance to us to get your brand right, as it will be at the core of your marketing and how the world perceives you.

We provide creative branding and rebranding solutions to clients from a wide range of business sectors from around the world that includes law, finance, hospitality, industry, construction, and lifestyle. Our branding agency has built up a wealth of experience over the years which we can bring to bear in assisting you to grow your business and further your ambitions.

Crate47 Creative agency | A woman wearing a VR headset smiles with both hands raised. Dressed in a pink and orange outfit, she stands against a blue background. The text
Crate47 Creative agency | Two business cards are displayed against a dark background. The left card showcases a sleek corporate ID with the letters
Crate47 Creative agency | A stack of dark grey business cards with light pink stylized text reading
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Crate47 Creative agency | A spread of business cards with a stack in the center. The cards feature the logo and name
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Brand Strategy.

Formulating the most effective brand strategy for your business.

With our branding agency, everything we do is done with purpose and the aim of elevating the profile of your business. We start out process with a discovery session where we get to know your goals’ identify your target marketing’s; and understand who your competitors are. With this accumulated information we create two distinct profiles of archetypal clients that your business will want to attract. We build up their background stories, taking in demographics and psychographics, exploring what their expectation and desires would be. Then we analyse why and how they would look for a brand like yours’ what would make them engage with it; and how they would share that brand within their individual groups. From here we formulate a brand strategy that is specific to your business and will best promote your unique selling points and convey who you are to these potential customers so that you can achieve your objectives.

Brand Design.

Formulating the most effective brand strategy for your business.

The bespoke brand design we create for you has to be right for your business and the sector you operate in. Following our brand strategy, established using the profiles of the archetypal clients, we have a clear focus on the target market and can start to conceptualise your brand identity, keeping it in tune with the styles and trends that will appeal to the people in the profiles. Our branding agency will then develop at least two concepts for you to choose from. Each will have the various brand elements that will form the core of your new brand identity. These will include the main logo with some or all of the following;: a marque, a brand pattern, a colour palette, and associated typography. We will also demonstrate through mock-ups how they would be used when implementing the brand.

Crate47 Creative agency | A stack of business cards displayed on a dark green surface. The cards feature a design with lush green leaves and a white tree logo, embodying the essence of an elegant restaurant brand. The other side includes the name
Crate47 Creative agency | A black surface features an elegant, gold-embossed logo consisting of the interlocking letters
Crate47 Creative agency | A mechanic wearing a black shirt with company branding and protective gear works underneath a classic car lifted on a hydraulic car lift in a garage. Various tools and automotive equipment are scattered around, including a blue toolbox and a covered vehicle in the background. | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
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Brand activation.

Well executed brand implementation will bring your business to life. 

We understand that it is not just good brand design that’s important to the success of a brand. A strategically planned brand activation brings your business to life and ensures that it s marketed effectively. As a full-service branding agency, we can take care of every aspect of your website design, content creation, advertising, print design and social media promotion. While doing so, we will concertedly maintain and actively reinforce a coherent brand identity across all touch-points. As apart of Liqui Group, we also have specialist 3D design capabilities that allows us to create such things as packaging, trade stands, and brand experiences; covering every facet of your marketing.

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Ongoing support.

Our branding agency could become your creative department.

Your brand should never stand still, it should always be in a constant form of development to stay ahead of the curve. We can support any type of business with ongoing creative services to further hone and develop your brand. If desired, we can become the creative department for your business, offering ongoing offline and online support for design, marketing, web services and content creation.