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Hi. We are Crate47. This bit is all about who we are and what we do.

Crate47 creative agency runs a multi-disciplined design studio where our designers collaborate on strategically creative projects for businesses that include branding, web design and content creation such as photography and video production.

Its an obsession

We at Crate47 are not going to say that we’re ‘passionate’ about what we do (although we are) because everyone’s ‘passionate’ about everything these days. But we are incredibly involved in our work; finding it endlessly engrossing. And, we’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved and the great relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years. But, if you think that it’s wrong to be that obsessed with what we do, you’re probably not going to want to work with us...

Crate47 - Studio-5
Crate47 - Studio-6

Creative with commercial business sense

But, if you’re not put off by our overly enthusiastic work ethic, maybe you’d also like to know that we’re not just a bunch of airy-fairy creative types with bushy beards (although some of us do have a fair amount of facial hair). As a business ourselves, we know the importance of the ‘bottom line’ and ‘360 degree thinking’, etc., that’s why a mix of business strategy and creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We call it ‘strategically creative’.

Crate47 - Studio-1
Crate47 - Studio-3

Multi-skilled designers

We run a busy studio of multi-skilled creatives with a collaborative ethos that encourages the cross-pollination of ideas leading to a synergy of purpose. Which, in plain English, means we have very talented staff who help and support each other to achieve the very best work for our clients. So, when you entrust us with your next project, you can be sure that everyone involved will be aware of your commercial objectives and by employing our comprehensive range of creative services we will achieve an excellent outcome for you.

Have something we can sink our teeth into?

Our Core Services

A great chef emphasises the quality of their ingredients. As a multi-disciplined agency we have a host of creative talent all under one roof. This gives us a great set of core services that we can throw into the mix on any project we undertake.


Web Design




Web Dev


3D Design